Why just landscape… when you can CurbScape?

CurbScape is the premier installer of decorative concrete landscape curbing in the Fox Cities area.

We work with our valued clients to select a style, color and design.

View our installation video to see how it’s done!

DuraCurb comes with a 5-year warranty which includes sealer and a patented galvanized steel cable reinforcement system.

Is All Reinforcement Cable The Same?

No. The best available is “Aviation Grade” galvanized cable which is designed for an industry that is based on no allowance for errors. This cable is made in America and has 2,100 lbs. tensile strength. There are thousands of aircraft flying with aviation grade cable well over 50 years old.

A myth is that curbing companies use stainless steel. Due to the much higher cost for stainless steel, this is not practical. Depending on the grade of stainless steel, it is not necessarily stronger or more corrosion resistant.

To ensure long lasting reinforcement cable,

CurbScape  only installs aviation grade cable manufactured under the best proven specifications.

Cleanliness Guarantee – Your property will be cared for and carefully put back in order post installation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!  We strive for excellence in every job, big or small.

CurbScape is a proud member of WLCA – Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association.  We have strong relationships with many landscaping contractors in the Fox Cities.

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